DGtek Fibre Network
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Australia's Full Fibre Network

At DGtek we offer an innovative broadband network alternative for Australian businesses, homes, developers and not-for-profits.
By leveraging new and emerging fibre technologies, our mission is to deliver cost-effective, high-speed internet solutions throughout Australia.

As a registered Australian Telecommunications Infrastructure Carrier, we design, build, operate and maintain high-speed Optical Fibre Networks so you can get more reliable, faster broadband internet for your business, home or building.
We started out as a small business in Elwood in 2014. Since then, we’ve built a network passing over 100,000 premises, spanning from the CBD down to the south eastern suburbs.

We’ve connected Melbourne icons such as Edgewater Towers, Aurora and QV1, and we’re rapidly adding to that collection.

We’re committed to giving all Australians the best possible internet experience. So far, we’ve developed the fastest residential optical fibre network in the country, and we’re just getting started.

What we do.

DGtek is a registered Australian Telecommunications Infrastructure Carrier that designs, builds, operates and maintains high-speed Optical Fibre Networks.
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